San Diego Healing Touch
      1581 Rosecrans St.  
              San Diego, CA 92106

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A healthy balanced foundation requires:
Life...    Energy...    Freedom...
San Diego Healing touch provides tools along with guidance for utilizing these tools to create a life built on a healthy and balanced foundation. Wellness is essential within all planes of a whole being; only then can we experience our highest potential for balance and vitality while achieving a rich and successful life that is based on vibrant health and happiness.

Throughout all of the modalities Iíve studied over the last 16 years, one of the most profound things that I have learned and experienced is that everything is energy. Our life force governs all other aspects of our being.

My mission is propelled by my passion- To educate, inspire, and empower people along their path to wellness.
Thank you for allowing me to share this divinely guided journey.
Empower the Mind
The root of all creation begins in the mind. Our beliefs create our physical experience through the mind-body connection. Positive lifestyle changes are a result of shifting our thought patterns to promote alignment with our goals and desires.
Balance the Body
Our life force energy is vital to our health. When our energy is abundant and flowing within our bodies it can begin to heal itself. Replenishing by receiving and nurturing creates balance within the body.
Energize the Spirit
An emphasis on healing our energetic field promotes a feeling of well-being and harmony as we find alignment with our highest selves, and within our lives.